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Would absolutely recommend trying this spot. Excellent ambience, flavorful food, excellent service. Kudos.
Carl Vera via - Jul 2, 2020
Been coming here for months, pizza has always been great. The customer service and cleanliness are also a great thing for a pizza place with great food. Must try are the Achari wings and spicy butter chicken. My new favorite is also the Tandoori chicken. I am not a vegetarian but the Pav Bhaji pizza is amazing. PS I ask them to add t ... read more
Food Nation via - Jun 2, 2020
Nice pizza, good service, and good sanitation ... read more
Chinmay Dandekar via - Apr 11, 2020
I like the pizza and chairs to sit on.
Kush Gogia via - Apr 11, 2020
Yummy. Had the Garlic Tandoori and the Chili Chicken. Perfect spice level! Definitely will return.
Chris Dudte via - Mar 7, 2020
Nice idea ... read more
sri harsha via - Mar 5, 2020
I liked their Indian pizza menu. Pizzas were not very oily unlike many other Indian pizza places.
I liked their Indian pizza menu. Pizzas were not very oily unlike many other Indian pizza places.
Anoop Jain via - Feb 29, 2020
Best pizza we have ever had. Love the saag paneer pizza but everything is good (except the plant based meat). Great prices too. They also have a cauliflower crust option. And an option to go through a bar of toppings and have them make your own pizza. Lots of different sauce options.
Shabnam Richardson via - Feb 15, 2020
Indian pizza was a revelation, and this is where I first encountered it. The spicy saag paneer pizza is excellent; the others I've had (spicy butter chicken, chili chicken, regular saag paneer, chili paneer, garlic paneer) were all also good, but to varying degrees (I've listed them in roughly descending order of preference). The cr ... read more
Jason Lim via - Feb 13, 2020
This place is amazing. They have amazing pizzas and are able to make practically whatever you like possible. I was able to get half and half on a gluten free crust, vegetarian pizzas, vegan pizzas, and even my favorite masala knots always with great customer service. The owner and works are always friendly and outgoing. The food ... read more
Baris Demirlioglu via - Feb 8, 2020
One of the Best desi pizza of bay area. The meat has decent enough spices to enjoy the flavor. And their achari wings were the best.
riaz syed via - Feb 4, 2020
The tandori chicken topping is mindblowing. MINDBLOWING!
Dipankar Roy via - Feb 2, 2020
One of my main places to grab some food. excellent location, always clean, and awesome service. 5 stars!
Michael Allen via - Jan 22, 2020
I admire this spot! They serve decent dishes, their menu is rich, The chef in that restaurant is very experienced, I enjoy a lot tasting all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the service towards the visitors is agreeable. I frequently visit this restaurant and I was never unhappy. I recommend it to all.
Willie Mehaffey via - Jan 21, 2020
I get to eat here a lot since I work close by. I have to say the service is always good and they keep the place neat constantly. Prices are convenient and they serve large portions.
Hamza Nelson via - Jan 16, 2020
Always fresh Ingrediants. My go to when we don't feel like cooking. Good value for the price. Tastes amazing. Always a friendly hello.
Tabula Rasa via - Jan 7, 2020
Ghaint ... read more
Avtar Sidhu via - Jan 4, 2020
Tasty pizza has fresh choices!
Jo Go via - Dec 17, 2019
This place is so great! This cute, what seems like a family owned restaurant, has amazing pizza! There hospitality is amazing from the moment you walk in. They are so open to giving suggestions, and you can pretty much get whatever kind of pizza you want. Being Indian, I lean towards getting pizzas off the Indian side of the menu, ... read more
Disha Barren via - Dec 5, 2019
Amazing place! Staff was so friendly and accommodating. The saag sauce is highly addictive. 10/10, will eat again ;D ... read more
Kat Connolly via - Nov 30, 2019
Lots of Vegan Pizza options ... read more
Anand Rajasekar via - Nov 27, 2019
Had been hearing a lot about this place from family and friends lately so decided to take my chance this weekend. (had an uncle over from India who really enjoyed desi version of pizza when he visited last and wanted to get something similar again) Here's my take on this place: Food: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Price: 4/5 Would I go again? 5/ ... read more
Sarah Bal via - Nov 25, 2019
DONT LET THE INDIAN PART SCARE YOU, their standard pepperoni pizza is AMAZING!!!! But so is their fusion pizza!!! Never get bored with pizza again!
Nicholas Wong via - Nov 23, 2019
It's like mod but with Indian style topping options. Couldn't have been bad and indeed it was good.
Assaf Vayner via - Nov 15, 2019
Love the pizza. I bring this for pot lucks, work functions, or for myself. A crowd pleaser each time. Also glad that they have legitimately spicy options where each slice has a real kick. Highly recommended.
Joshua Chan via - Nov 10, 2019
After reading the reviews I just had to try Tasty Pizza to see if they really deserved their 4.7 out of 5.0 rating. I ate a small half Ultimate/half Pesto and rated it a 5.0 only because there is no 6-star rating. This is the place to order pizza. I will return.
Mike Stefanic via - Nov 10, 2019
When I was down with a broken leg I decided to try ordering from this restaurant via doordash. Their indian pizza is some of the best pizza I've ever had. As the months wore on and I was stuck in bed or in the house with my leg in a brace, I began to look forward to ordering pizza from Tasty Pizza every Friday. Their delicious pizza ... read more
Some Dude via - Oct 26, 2019
Best Indian pizza ever had. Too good ... read more
Lakshmi Gopiram via - Oct 17, 2019
Wonderful pizza! Definitely the best around. Many different toppings and super clean. Love this lovely find.
heidi ellsworth via - Oct 12, 2019
Best place to get Indian pizza. I recommend trying masala knots and Saag Paneer Pizza ๐Ÿ• ... read more
Sandeep Chaudhary via - Oct 7, 2019
As an Indian Pizza fantatic, the best thing in life is finding a new Indian Pizza restaurant and being more than impressed! We ordered the Shahi Paneer and Chilli Paneer. Both were really great! The Chilli Paneer was super yum and quite spicy. The Shani Paneer was more mild but very delicious! Absolutely would order here again!!
Rebecca Ryan via - Oct 2, 2019
Weirdest combo I ever had but God it works! I first tried a sample of their Butter Chicken Pizza and was amazed at how it worked together. Imagine eating butter chicken and naan together. The staff was friendly and a large pizza only took 10 MINS!!! Definitely worth the stop ... read more
Robert Lim via - Sep 24, 2019
Warm welcome, staff very helpful and best tasting Indian pizza. I wish I could explain taste in words, just go try it.
Anuj Khandelwal via - Sep 15, 2019
This is my new favorite place. Friendly staff great prices good pizza!! Spicy hot wings ecofriendly cups ... read more
tomas Smith via - Sep 14, 2019
First of all Thank you very much guys!! I ordered trough grub hub and thought iโ€™ll get pizza fast as my kids were very hungry. But i was wrong they took almost 1 hour 15 minutes and still i was waiting for my pizza. And finally i called grub hub to know status of delivery and they told me still they ll take 30-45 minutes for delive ... read more
Kirti Deshmukh via - Sep 14, 2019
Great Indian pizza, good American pizza. Recommend the Butter Chicken pizza (without onions)..try with half Tandoori chicken, half butter chicken.
Stan Sieler via - Sep 14, 2019
Waya fresh Ingediants. My go to when we don't feel like cooking. Good value for the price. Always a friendly hello.
Tabula Rasa via - Sep 14, 2019
Best Indian pizza, especially with healthy cauliflower crust.
S C via - Sep 14, 2019
New Indian fusion pizza place. We ordered a Shahi Paneer pizza and it was quite good. We also ordered a gourmet veggie pizza and that was good as well.
Prashant Shamarao via - Sep 7, 2019
It's a nice place with really good Indian flavored pizza. Haven't tried their regular pizzas.
Kunal Phapunkar via - Sep 4, 2019
Best Indian fusion pizza in Bay area.. This one is even more special for Amicis lovers like us!!
Sadeesh Duraisamy via - Sep 2, 2019
Indian/Italian fusion pizza is a combination that I have not tried. Well, I have to say that I wish I tried it sooner. We tried the spicy butter chicken and the chicken tandoori. Both were fantastic. The crust is thin and crispy. Suggestion to the owner: Reorient the banners outside so that cars driving East on Stevens Creek can ... read more
Steven Lin via - Sep 1, 2019
Very good cheese pizza. The culiflouwer crust is wonderful. We tried it with aloo gobi and it was so good. Will definetly come again.
Shahar Klein via - Aug 29, 2019
Great place! Workers are super friendly. Love the Italian x Indian fusion idea. The order process in-store is similar to Modโ€™s/Blaze/Pieology, so you can craft your own pizza. Personally, I recommend getting one of the specialty fusion pizzas - my new favorite is butter chicken!
Nicolas Rios via - Aug 22, 2019
Today we had our first visit. Great taste. Excellent service. Neat and tidy.
Rajiv Shrivastava via - Aug 22, 2019
Very tasty but more expensive than Mod/Pieology, go for it if you really want to try Indian toppings (tandoori chicken, paneer, aloo, sauces, etc) on pizza ... read more
Ryan via - Aug 19, 2019
This place is great! The food tastes very good and the staff are very friendly. I got the spicy butter chicken pizza and achari wings, which were both delicious. The achari wings are definitely a must get.
Evan Bao via - Aug 18, 2019
Best Indian fusion pizza in Bay area.. This one if even more special for Amicis lovers like us!!
Sadeesh Duraisamy via - Aug 11, 2019
One of the most amazing pizza spots I ever been too and the love and good service they gave me made me come there for a week straight. Such a amazing place and I recommend every one to go there !!!
Hashem Alhamdani via - Aug 6, 2019
We tried it today for the first time and loved it. Really good and fresh pizza. We had the garlic tandoori chicken pizza. Heavenly. Will return multiple times.
Prince Kohli via - Aug 3, 2019
Good Pizza ... read more
abdullah jamal via - Jul 26, 2019
Ties the #1 spot for Pizza . The Reigning Queen innPizza is of course Cicero Pozza Try wings butter chicken pizza Vegetarian choices available too ... read more
Nandeep Nagarkar via - Jul 22, 2019
I really liked tastyโ€™s pizza because they have various kinds of pizza with many toppings! It was very rich taste and we enjoyed our dinner. The most surprising thing was that they also have delicious Indian pizzas. I thought that was a big difference from other pizzeria:) ... read more
Pomu Pomu Purin via - Jul 19, 2019
Fluffy dough and quick service. Not quite as cheap or fast as a Pieology or Mod pizza. Good selection of Indian and Italian pies. Sparse seating inside and the pizza is a little pricey.
Prahlad Kilambi via - Jul 19, 2019
This entire place was so amazing. The butter chicken pizza was absolutely heavenly and let me tell you the tandori wings were to die for. The team there was amazing and so kind. Thank you for everything ... read more
Emily Milesi via - Jul 19, 2019
Great pizza, great service, easy parking, a nice atmosphere ... read more
Omer Gila via - Jul 19, 2019
Similar concept to Pieology or Blaze Pizza build your own pizza, but with more interesting Indian fusion choices for crust, toppings and sauce (especially for vegan or other special diets), like a cauliflower crust. The employee (owner?) I talked to was really nice, itโ€™s definitely a place Iโ€™ll be returning to soon!
Ryan Mast via - Jul 19, 2019
This place is awesome. The pizza is delicious, the staff are super friendly, and they have a gluten-free crust, which can be used for any of their pizzas and is delicious. Highly recommend!
Matthias Linder via - Jul 19, 2019
This new pizza Italian Indian fusion is the BEST... Healthy and you can create your own Pizza ๐Ÿ•. I
This new pizza Italian Indian fusion is the BEST... Healthy and you can create your own Pizza ๐Ÿ•. I highly recommend this Place to all Cupertino Residence/Saratoga and the whole South Bay. Johnoscar ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™ ... read more
Johnoscar Villa via - Jul 11, 2019
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